Saturday, December 12, 2009

Babette's Feast

One treasure I did manage to find during my day trip to Singapore was Babett's Feast. A film I've been dying and aching to find ever since I stumbled upon the film in YouTube. Here are a few snippets of it available from the site.

I urge everyone who hasn't seen it yet to at least try get a copy for their personal library. But be forewarned that watching this movie can make one hungry and tempted to eat even while viewing it. I know...I simply must eat my meals while watching this movie otherwise I wouldn't be able to lst through the acid built up.

C'mon,with a movie that has almost half of it filled with cooking and partaking of the finest recipes concocted by a culinary French genius,who wouldn't want to watch this??? Kudos to the Academy for rewarding this film justly with the covetted award.
Enjoy folks!