Saturday, March 16, 2013

Croisette Cafe @ Bangsar

Had such a wonderful and unexpected treat from Justus and Viv earlier tonight with a French dinner at Croisette. A lil unpretentious cafe located within an apartment building,at Cascadium in Bangsar,just opposite the road from Bangsar Shopping Centre. I was well and truly excited to finally get to try a decent French meal at such an affordable price here. Service was unpretentious like the decor. The owner and chef was amiable and did his best to serve us well in spite of a few hitches that night. The interior lights were giving a bit of prob and with a inability to anticipate what they could offer that night,understandably due to the fresh supply the owner has to ensure just to maintain a fresh and seasonal menu. Something I truly appreciate. However we more or less knew already what we wanted to order and are thankful that Blanquette and Bourguignon is available that night. So here's what we ordered tonight.
Soupe de Potiron / Pumpkin Soup.
My order of Prawn Bisque with a generous dollop of Rouille on toast.
Finally my first taste of Boeuf Bourguignon. So very good and extremely satisfying. Especially during a cool rainy night. It was perfect!
Justus ordered the Gigot Blanquette / Lamb Leg in creamy white sauce. It's tradition to partake of it with steamed white rice.
Viv ordered her Pasta Pistou/Pesto with tomatoes. We got to sample each other's order and I have to say, they were all so very good indeed!
We managed to find room for a bit of dessert. But I think the owner was miffed that we only order one slice to share among the 3 of us. A mistake we will not be repeating soon or ever again. The trio Chocolate Mousse cake. Heavenly decadent and melt in your mouth goodness. I shall order it again the next time we visit.

And this is one place I do intend to visit again.
If you're curious for more information on its location, opening hours perus through a blogger's review of the cafe here :
Thank you Justus & Viv!!!

Last weekend

Here's a glimpse of what I've been up to last weekend. Been over for another round of being sous chef under the guidance and tutelage of our Director pal,Naz. Here's some of the goodies we made from scratch and had that day.
Turkey ham with white mushroom Za.
Pepperoni and cheese Za.
We had an avacado, and Naz,not one to take things simply,decided to make an awesome batch of guac out of it. Huzzah! My first successful batch of guac ever! And so so goooodddd!
Home made dressing for the salad. They've got to eat their greens after all.
Some pickled aubergine,Lebanese style. I love it!
Learnt how to make a fresh batch of hummus drizzled with olive oil,seeing as I had some chickpea handy lying around the table.
And finally the Pièce de résistance , home made fall off the bone grilled buffalo wings. Yummy!!! Must remember to share all of the goings on during previous years of my culinary education under my Maestro,Naz.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ichiban Boshi

 Have been receiving so many grand treats from my Russian pals this year. I count myself very blessed to be able to count them among my circle of close friends. Some time back,I was introduced to one of the new restaurants in Publika called Ichiban Boshi. Comfy and cosy surroundings with friendly staff.
 Everything looked pristine and oh so delicious. I can hardly wait to get started.
 I left it to our regular fine diners to order the meal for us. :D

 The unagi and salmon belly were both so amazing! I could have another round of them. But remembers that we still have more dishes to come.

 The egg souffle broth was really good and warms up the tum quickly.
 The Hokkaido Chawan Mushi was something new to me but I loved it and all the dishes we've had so far. Every dish so far tasted clean and appetizing to the palate.
 Some makis in bean curd wrap.
 Can't really recall...but perhaps this is our order of soft shell crab maki? All so lovely indeed.
 Our order of creamed gratin on a hot plate. I love this and it's really a man's meal.

 The deep fried eggplant on hot plate was steller!
 As is the rest of our order. This one is tuna.
 Octopus and and order of scallop makis.
 Wrapping up the very fine meal,we headed back for more treats. But first things first...a fuzzy greeting from Kiki.

 We had custard jam tarts to go with our hot tea. Always enjoy a lovely evening with my pals.
With extra goodies to take home! Cheers!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meals at the Studio

 What I've been up to lately? Having a grand time working at the new studio and cooking up a storm once in a while for the team. This time it's fresh takoyaki for everyone. Thank's to Jennifer and her bf's gift of the takoyaki grill they got from Tokyo. Had a go at the grill for at least 4 times and can safely say I now have a new skill and won't go hungry in a hurry.

Don't they look just awesome? Thanks to my colleague for the awesome snapshots for these round of photos.

Don't they just look utterly irresistibly awesome??? I'm craving for my next donut fix already just looking  at it.
One of everything! A lovely surprise treat from our boss during our tea break at the studio.  2 big boxes of Big Apple Donuts for the whole team. Absolutely the best donuts I've ever had, in my opinion anyways. :D
And another surprise during lunch time at the local mamak joint @ Rahim's in Cyberjaya. You know you're meant to smile when your mamak chef goes the mile to plate this up for you. And yes,I did crack a big wide smile after receiving my plate. :) Thank you so much Mel for this awesome shot! All of the meals have really made my day a brighter one. :D

Monday, May 07, 2012

Le Chalet de la Foret in Brussels

Art has never looked more appetizing and tantalizing!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SuperSize vs SuperSkinny

SuperSize vs SuperSkinny is a revolutionary program focusing on 2 extreme cases of dieting that could prove to be extremely harmful to the individual should they continue on the long path towards self destruction. I've only recently discovered this British tv series and found it to be quite addictive and even though I've just started to watch it this week,it's already proving to be very effective in giving me the right tips and benefits on how to achieve a higher and better quality of eating habits that can only improve my body and health in the long run.
The show usually sets about targeting 1/2 individuals from each category of super size and super skinny and place them in an environment where they go about living with each other and swapping diets in order for both to witness the drastic effects that their diets are having upon the partaker of that meal and thus begin the wheel of improvements in their psyche,understanding of their problems and how to go about over coming it. The show will also focus on other problems relating to diet,nutrition,health issues resulting in poor dietary supplements and a whole lot more. I found this show very entertaining and informative. Only pity it didn't get shown on this side of the pond.
Check out their focus on SS vs ss KIDS eps too. Really educational and informative for both parent and child alike. :)

Weekend Cooking @ Home

Something me and my twinnie whipped up when we're all at home together and was able to get industrious in the kitchen office. My twin is getting really good at roasting her chicken in our oven while I be busy whipping up the carb side of the root veg. Added a bit of sliced tomatoes for garnish & variety sake. One of the few instances we got to eat really well at home.
Cheers Folks!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Munakata Round 2 this New Year!

Well,we're back at Munakata for another round of 耽溺以上 !!! (Over Indulgence) Only this time, I am the honored guest of my food crime pal,Viv, along with her bf,Justus. Purportedly to have Viv's all time favorite chawan mushi, we made our way early to hit the quaint little restaurant at 6.30pm. Hey,don't be quick to put us down or sqaush our enthusiasm for good yet affordable Japanese cuisine. First in,first to receive expeditious service I say. Viv got wind of a food promotion Munakata was having starting this month up till Feb and that is 2 to dine will afford the 3rd diner a free meal. That's a gorgeous temptation especially to us folks who love some good Jap comfort food at the ready within our budget means. Although the menu looks limited in certain aspects,trust me...after going through the first row of orders, you'll start to slow down.

The avid diner will be wise enough to pace themselves and know exactly what they want to get the best deal for their buck. We've been here before so we know the score and what to aim for.

We did a quick scan through the available menu and quickly noted down on the prepared order form our top choices of the night. Let's start with the goods and no fuss about it.

A round of Unagi with seafood salad to start with. Look at the unagi...just gorgeous!

Edamame. Never without a dish or 2 of them for our group.
To me, their servings of sumptuous and delectable slices of unagi is the best I've had by far by any restaurant offering up a promo. Plump,juicy and definitely savory down to the last bite. I couldn't get enough of them so greedy gut here had to have more helpings of it as the meal progresses.

Hotate no Butter Shoyu Yaki/Grilled Scallops with butter and soy sauce

Gindara Teriyaki/ Grilled Cod with sesame soy sauce

Salmon sashimi round after round for me!

Enoki no Butter Yaki

My helping of Age Dufu. MMmmmm,delish! Lovely and piping hot too!

Shishamo/grilled Smelt

More grilled cod.

Enoki no Gyuniku Maki/grilled slice Beef wrapped Enoki mushrooms

Umaki Tamago. I like it!

Dinner won't be complete without a serving of tempura shrimps and soft shell crab.

Deep fried seafood tofu. I like it a lot!

Hourensou butter/grilled spinach was far too buttery for our liking thus undoing the desire for something more health conscious.

The grilled eggplant fared no better either. Was just as oily,though I didn't mind it at the time as much as my fellow diners.

What you would expect to follow is my re-order of everything I love with extra chawan mushi and the evening rounded up full circle with an order of vanilla and green tea ice cream. Heavenly!