Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sushi King promo

My partner in food crime,Viv,treated me to a sushi feast last Thursday at Sushi King when they were having one of their regular sushi promotions which happens for about once every 3-4 months. Extremely good deal. RM2 per sushi plate,but not for the other dishes.
Check out the variety of sushi dishes available during the promo. There were more which we chose from the conveyor belt,but was too busy eating them than shooting them. My favourite was the unagi sushi plate.

This one was set at the regular price of RM4 per plate. Egg stuffed salad thingy. Delish!
Tempura sushi. Wish it was a bit more crisp tho and warm...oh well...it's sushi. For RM2,can't complain. Can't complain at all.
My dear,salmon...where have you been all my life?

This lovely chap dishing out all the goods to us hungry customers. We got the seats strategically positioned right at the counter in front of the chef so we get first dibs at the chow. Very well,worth the wait for our seats.

Think we've more or less justified our visit there. It was a very long wait for our table,one of the waitresses handling the crowd was frothing at the mouth cos she didn't break her fast yet,yet some customers were just had too many sticks up their asses to be patient and polite for their seats. But it was well worth it. Well,I've had my rations of salmon sushi for the week. Can't hardly wait for the next Jap binge. Thought I've eaten enough sushi to last the month,but apparently,I found myself hankering for more Jap a couple of days after. Go figure!

Thank you so much,Viv! Next round is on me!