Monday, December 07, 2009

Sushi King promo feasting

Last October, Sushi King had its usual nigiri sushi promotion at all of its local branches here in M'sia. I was fortunate to have a posse of Japanese aficionados who appreciate binging on the wee morsels as much as I do(regardless of it being chain outlet quality)and did invite me out on 2 gluttonous occasions on the same day of the promotion. I began the binging with dear Barb that day at one of the outlets in Cheras.

Dear Barb is enjoying herself indeed.
Some of the wee morsels I chose. They were good and fresh seeing as the popular promo made it a tad difficult for any remaining remnants from the hungry lunch crowd.
And when dusk settles, I made my way to another one of the outlets in MidValley where another 2 of my posse were waiting to begin the onslaught.
Our appetizers.
Viv and Joyce are pleased with their successful procurements.

Sadly the tempura batter failed to retain its crispiness by the time it rolled around the conveyor belt onto our trays.
And the sad truth we had to deal with this time 'round is the 1 hour dining limitation to stuff our faces before we had to vacate our table for another group of hungry mouths. But no biggie for me as I've had 2 rounds that day and an hour was more than enough to satisfy my appetite for quick standard sushi.

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