Monday, April 30, 2007

Johnny's Steamboat

Go into a shopping mall here and hopefully you're bound to find Johnny's Steamboat. A healthy alternative eatery thats affordable and and satifying. There are choices of set meals depending on the how many heads per party. And there's also the option of ordering a la carte dishes such as assorted noodles,rice and veggies. It's very ideal when it come to introducing a group of your friends to have a very enjoying meal while cooking for yourself. For 4 people,you could opt for the set steamboat meal which comes up to RM56++. Giving us the little extra allowance to opt for some dessert later. And they don't stinge on the dessert menu. I had the vanilla ice cream which washed down nicely with the hot soupy meal earlier.
Mel and Hanie helping to put the food into the hot pot. Everyone having fun digging in and cooking their own food.

Aimo making a face.

The entire meal was both fun and divine and quite guiltless. Giving you the greenlight to binge once in a while. You have the option for choosing either the Hot Tom Yam soup or the regular Chicken Stock for your Steamboat soup. Delicious to the last bite. I recommend it.

Dave's Tiger Prawns

My brother and sis-in-law,Carol, was so kind enough to cook dinner for us all last Saturday. And the menu spanned from totally greasy yet simply divine Baked Sea Tiger Prawns (courtesy of Carol's parent's from Sandakan) in Cheese and Olive Oil, very salty green veg in Oyster sauce dressing and roasted garlic, battered squid,egg omelette patties and black pepper beef in onions.
Thankfulyl I could use the pick-me-up meal since it has been a very lnog couple of days of non-stop duties,responsibilities and husehold management.