Friday, December 11, 2009

Food Munching during the Asian Television Forum @ Singapore

2nd December 2009

Well,I've had a fun filled day during my recent short trip to Singapore to attend the official launching of Saladin the tv series at the Asian Television Forum in Suntec. Check out the Malaysian and Saladin display booth there. Neat ain't it?
Who knew cocktail food such as these were so tantalizing that it managed to satisfy my cravings throughout the entire evening. Of course I was spoiled for choice.

These tangy prawn with mango canapes were very lovely indeed.
Of course,paired with friends like the Thai prawn on lemon grass baguette and the fois gras with pickled fruit barquettes, the night was made for one joyous tasting session.

No successful shot of the mozerella with cherry tomato and olive. :( I was too quick in the mouth to snap the pretty display.
The smoked salmon with cream cheese tower was something unforgettable and something I'd love to add to any future cocktail parties.
I'm one proud mama right now.

Of course, after the evening's networking and a quick dash to the video store, I was ravenous by the time I arrived back to the hotel. I consoled myself to just a slice of apple that night before hitting the hay,happy with the knowledge that a good breakfast will be awaiting me when I wake up. And the PanPac hotel's Global Kitchen didn't fail in delivering a very good hearty breakfast. Thankfully I was the last in line they were able to accommodate at the time as the queue kept on increasing and they staff were forced to divert the other guests to the hotel's other restaurant which were serving Indian cuisine. And I didn't want that. I wanted my omelette.
I admit, I went for seconds with some really good selection from the salad bar, egg station and western buffet smorgasbord.

Another quick snapshot of the plate. I definitely epitomized the typical Japanese tourist look with my bulky digicam on the side. And below, not forgetting my privileged roots, I couldn't resist a small samplnig of their chicken congee with steamed peanuts,chives,slices of tamago and sweetened pork. A dash of light soy sauce and VOILA! A perfect porridge bowl.
The spectecular and breathtaking decor at PanPac.

Even their Cookie house display was fun and inviting. Too bad I couldn't spare the time to brouse their sweet wares. I made my way around Suntec and the Marina instead.
Sadly, my tight schedule did not allow any sampling whatsoever here. Dash it!!! Marvelous Cream, I SHALL return!

Cheers folks!

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