Friday, December 11, 2009

La Bodega,Bangsar

Me and Viv wanted to try out the eating scene at Bangsar so went strolling along the Bangsar Village area looking at which suitable eatery best tempted our palates. La Bodega was something different we haven't tried out yet and since we were both eager to try out Spanish cuisine, especially tapas, we went for it almost immediately.
We opted for their dinner Tapas promo which had a set menu to choose from at a set price of RM 80++ for 2 people.

We selected Ensalada da Gambas y Mejilones con Cebella, Pimenta Roja y Apio (Prawn and Mussel salad with onion,red pepper and celery). It was lovely and went really well coupled with the olive oil.

Pimientos dulces Rellenas con Queso de Cabra y Salsa Picante de la Berenjena (Sweet mini peppers stuffed with goats cheese & spicy eggplant salsa. Delish!
Crusty bread accompanied the entire meal which we were more than happy to lather them on.
Atun con Condimento Picante de Tomate y Uceitunas verde ( Seared tuna with spicy green olive & tomato relish) . Sizzling and very pleasing indeed though the black olives were a tad bit saltier than I am used to. Otherwise I love it.
And now the pièce de résistance, Fiduea de Calamar Vello y Alioli ( Angel hair pasta cooked in paella with stuffed squid safffron & aioli). I was very very good and I will definitely return again to try out their paella in its original recipe.
Finally,we rounded up the meal with some sherbet (Viv) and ice cream (me. I'm not really a sherbet kinda gal). Sadly, I failed to note what type of flavors we've selected. Oh well...overall it was a pleasant,satisfying tasty meal which I will gladly return for a second course.


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