Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lunch time at Mumbo Jumbo

One of the few places to grab a decent salad in Cyberville. Another good place would be at the Pizzaria Italiano,both located at the Street Mall. We had this chow at Mumbo Jumbo. Quite new with decent chow with decent prices. I recommend grabbing the chicken masala sandwich. A good place to grab a healthy lunch. They also have a breakfast set included in their menu with a nice dessert list from waffles to ice cream. Nice! Go for their set menu for lunch at an affordable rate from RM 10 onwards.

GuangZhou Roast Duck in Uptown

I highly recommend going to Damansara Uptown to this quaint little hawker cafe for several samples of their GuangZhou Roast Duck. Absolute heaven with the plum sauce. Drippingly juicy and succulent in every bite. Dangit,I'm making myself hungry now! Cheers!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Dinner at alNafourah at KL Hilton/Le Meridien

Middle Eastern food has never tasted so good! Diners are treated to a gastronomic journey at alNafourah where the food is as authentic (methinks) as they get over here in KL in an extremely elegant setting with a choice of dining in their multiple private rooms or in the open dining hall. The entire setting and decor definitely does take ones breath away.
For starters,we begin with flat bread with various dips and falafel accompanied with sweetened rose water and mineral bottle from Italy at, I'm guessing, a hundred bucks a pop? It was all so good I stuffed myself before the main courses had arrived.

Lamb and chicken kebabs with dip.
Fish,chicken and lamb targine. There was also another steamed fish dish, but I failed to sample or take a pic of it, possibly because it was so good my colleagues lapped it all up before I had the chance.

Lamb rice baked in a pie. Wonderful!
The piece de resistance, garlic cream. Oh so heavenly! We had to order a few more helpings of it. I'm so glad Orpha requests for this. Really sets the tone for every dish I ate this with and brings the aroma and flavor to new heights. So light,frothy and aromatic, I ate it like it was ice cream. Just melts in your mouth. I gotta learn how to make this!
And between sampling all the delish delicacies, you can expect a belly dancer to pop in out of no where to entertain you with her moves and curves.
My almond and honey ice cream for dessert...oh sooo GOOD!
And the every anticipated Baklava to wrapped up the meal. Everything was so good and satisfying and despite our tummies filled to the brim and begging for respite, it was sad the meal had to eventually come to an end. Definitely a place not for the faint wallet.

Lunch at the Pavillion

Had lunch at this quaint dining establishment located on the ground floor atrium of the Pavillion. We arrived in the nick of time for their buffet lunch menu before they took it off in preps for tea-time and dinner. Think their lunch menu is available from 12pm to 3pm. Just the answer to a healthy ( and suppose to be light but...) meal. Love their selection of cold salmon and salad greens at the bar. My only gripe is that there's still no sign of any sliced radishes I crave that seems to be missing at every salad bar I've been to save for one particular restaurant called 'Sireh' I think, located on the ground floor of PJ Hilton. You can see what I live on. The pic with the huge slices of cheese is my friend,Ezat's plate. They even have hot soup, quiche and beef stew among the few hot food available at the bar. And dessert includes a couple of cake and cookie choices. Tea and coffee is included in the set menu. If memory serves me well,think the lunch buffet will set you back about RM 25++ per person. Quite worth the dollar considering shameful me cleared up the salmon plate prior to the last call. Lovely! My idea of a good lunch.

Sudu at Hilton KL, KL Sentral

Definitely the place to take your loved ones. Wonderful ambiance, great food and great service. I was impressed with the wide variety of selection available at the buffet spread. Ok,here's how it works. The restaurant at Le Meridien/Hilton provides diners with the option of selecting a set course from about 6-8 choices on the menu. With that, the diners get to partake from the appetizer and dessert buffet spread and will expect a piping hot main course on it's way once the diners have had their fill of the appetizers which can range from sushi sashimi, to a variety of antipastos, hors d'oeurves, soup, seafood, salad bar, spare ribs, Indian cuisine, caviar and the list goes on. Here are 2 pics which we've selected from our table. The steak is juicy and succulent while my cod was wonderfully seared to a light and soft fragrant flesh with crispy outer skin,topped with eggplant chip and asparagus and cream sauce. Loveeellyyy! You have a choice of grilled prawns, chicken and even duck is on the menu if you prefer. The restaurant totes a very tempting chocolate fountain and beautiful spread of cakes and ice cream,cookies etc. Definitely well worth every penny and is quite affordable at the price range of RM 125++ per set on the menu. You can expect high quality service and excellent cooking from the cooking range.
Highly recommended.