Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SuperSize vs SuperSkinny

SuperSize vs SuperSkinny is a revolutionary program focusing on 2 extreme cases of dieting that could prove to be extremely harmful to the individual should they continue on the long path towards self destruction. I've only recently discovered this British tv series and found it to be quite addictive and even though I've just started to watch it this week,it's already proving to be very effective in giving me the right tips and benefits on how to achieve a higher and better quality of eating habits that can only improve my body and health in the long run.
The show usually sets about targeting 1/2 individuals from each category of super size and super skinny and place them in an environment where they go about living with each other and swapping diets in order for both to witness the drastic effects that their diets are having upon the partaker of that meal and thus begin the wheel of improvements in their psyche,understanding of their problems and how to go about over coming it. The show will also focus on other problems relating to diet,nutrition,health issues resulting in poor dietary supplements and a whole lot more. I found this show very entertaining and informative. Only pity it didn't get shown on this side of the pond.
Check out their focus on SS vs ss KIDS eps too. Really educational and informative for both parent and child alike. :)

Weekend Cooking @ Home

Something me and my twinnie whipped up when we're all at home together and was able to get industrious in the kitchen office. My twin is getting really good at roasting her chicken in our oven while I be busy whipping up the carb side of the root veg. Added a bit of sliced tomatoes for garnish & variety sake. One of the few instances we got to eat really well at home.
Cheers Folks!