Sunday, May 18, 2008

A typical Chinese dinner at PJ Old Town.

Crispy bass in a bed of soy sauce.

Pork ribs. No dinner is complete without some prokers on the side.
Stir fried long beans.
I love this beancurd stew dish. Oh so good!
Black pepper beef strips.
The Pièce de résistance...Braised Duck! I'm in love!

Old Town Kopitiam chain

Some small in portions, but quite tasty enough nontheless. Though it can burn the wallet for these standard dishes. I'll usually order their ipoh hor fun with a side of omega eggs or their nasi lemak with crispy chicken or their curry chicken with rice for a quite satisfying to my tum meal. I won't be ordering their eggs on toast anytime soon though their kaya with butter and toast is really awesome with a cuppa ice milo. Yum! I dig having a side of curry puffs too to lap up the curry chicken gravy.