Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is hands down,probably my most favourite place to eat right now. Italiannies came in close,but Dave's pulled it off with the most excellent precision in their execution of palate pleasers in each and everyone of their amazing concoctions that I've tasted so far. Above,the Smoked Salmon Roulade....lovely crunches and mixture of flavors in each and every bite. The same is spoken for each of the dishes we've sampled. Beautifully exquisite!
The stuffed mushrooms....ooooooo! Delicious tender morsels! I could eat them every night! Both Dave's and Italiannie's stuffed mushrooms are really really good and there's just no justice comparing which one is better than the other coz it just won't do. Each have their own way of executing this dish and each in their own way is very excellent indeed. Stuffed mushrooms. Can't go wrong ordering them anytime of the day.
The Beef lasagna was pretty good but the hero of the hour was my order of Funghi Fetuccini with herbs and virgin olive oil. indeed, is GOOD!
Dave's............I'll be back!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Munchin' thru SketchCrawl #11

Me and my partner in crime took part in the recent Worldwide SketchCrawl event organized by artist extraordinaire,Enrico Casarosa, on the 23rd Sept 2006. Yep,we basically ate thru the entire course of our journey in -between sketching and photographing. Our first pit stop at O'Brien's sandwich bar at The Weld in KL before commencing on our SC quest.

My Chicken mayo salad with crispy bacon bits. Not too bad,but is a tad bit on the dry side.
My partner's turkey ham and bacon triple decker sandwich.
The afternoon got hot and we made an impromptu pit stop at Finnegan's for some refreshments. My Ice Lemon Tea. Aaaahhhh...Life is good!
Fond memories...late lunch at Planet Hollywood.
Couldn't resist! The Norwegian bakery,Baker's Moment, was beckoning. We had to answer to it's call for a bit of sinful indulgence.

The day was passing by so fast and before we knew it,it was time for dindins before we called it day. We headed straight for The Ginger restaurant at Central market.

Sorry for the bad image quality here.folks! The lighting was pretty dim by then and I refused to use the flash in order to capture the natural lighting. We got the Thai sambal fried rice,...
Buttered coconut chicken.....

Thai Mango salad and finally the Black pepper beef. Had a really hard time uploading the beef pic...but anyways,we've really been lil piglets that day. *hic* Hope you've enjoyed the images,folks! Wotta lovely day it has been!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hop on to Hoppy Duck!

They sure do whip up a good duck! Lloovveellyy!
Stir fried mixed veg in sambal and a plate of fried Sui Kow. Mmm mmmm good! Simple, satisfying and fast....what more can a hungry patron ask for?
The Butter and Egg Squid was cooked just right but for me..I could always do with that extra crunchiness which one always gets if cooked a wee little bit longer in the fryer. But it's still very good. ^^

Ipoh Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing

Been going here since I was a kid and still do! Always a safe and best bet to grab a really really good and really afforadable chicken rice meal at Sattelite's chicken rice restaurant in Jalan Gasing. Lovely flavorful rice with crunchy beans sprouts,steamed chicken, pork balls soup (pork minced up and rolled into ball shapes and not the literal translation) with a small bowl of hot curry. Aaaahhhh...delish!

Cyberjaya foodcourt

I kid you not...this was lunch for one of my colleagues at the new Cyberjaya foodcourt around Century Square. Good thing I bought some choccie buns earlier in the morning to placate my hunger. She ordered the standard chicken rice which doesn't look like much at all. See the soup? It's plain water with just a hint of salt I tell you! Ugh!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sunway Hotel Hawker, Penang

location- near sunway hotel

ice kacang

apom, green apom(with coconut) and plain

assam laksa

wantan mee, so so only

fried kuey tiaw got coconut? weird

soggy popiah? :P


Oyster Omelette - Gurney Drive

;) Oyster Omelette and Chendol

Monday, September 18, 2006


whole post lost...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

C-Jade Express

Express!...I'm Impress! The service was great...speedy and accomodating. My first food conquest with fellow food junkie,Viv, at Mid-Valley. C-Jade was beckoning us for a go,so we complied. Grab yourselves some seats,go to the counter to order your food,pay for your food,go back to your seat and wait for your chow to be delivered to you. Help yourselves to the lovely condiments at the nearby stands.
My order of Wan Ton Dumplings...nothing to brag about,but it was warm and looks welcoming so I didn't whine so much when it chows down to the taste.
The Roast Duck rice was steller alongside the choices of condiments available,ad-lib. Haven't had a really good roast duck rice in a while, and this was really really good! I'd definitely make another trip there for some quick chow without needing much persuasion. Anything for another bite of their roast duck. Mmmm...YUM! The duck sauce and kailan that goes with it really brings this simple dish together to new heights! Lovely! It's a pity their lil titbit food stand out side the shop didn't have slices of raost duck to go...I'd definitely be a regular customer if that was the case.
A trip to Mid-Valley would not have been complete without a short detour to Beard Papa's. I am sooo in love with their Cream Puffs, you have no idea. Definitely the perfect ending to a perfect meal anytime. ^___^ Go PAPA!

Oh,and check out Viv's take on our food trips as well here for her side of the story...

Oh Sushi!

Need to get my butt kicked for not updating this site on a regular basis. Sorry folks! Will try to be more dedicated to this site in future. Work and commitment to other stuff got in the way, but let's get this show on the road again. Viv and I made our way to Oh Sushi! to see what all the exclamation was about. We got the Salmon and White tuna (RM18)...

Very pleasant but nothing to really rave about,in my opinion,but still good. The only snag was I asked for a small dish of mayo to savour with these babies,but the waiter misunderstood and brought me a small empty dish instead. It took another trial order with the head waiter before my mayo finally arrived.

For my side, I got the Half Shoyu Ramen and Zemaki Combo (RM25) which had a generous portion of Ramen,enough for me to share with Viv seeing as her hot steaming pot was lacking and not enough to satisfy her hunger pangs. Not too bad, if you want a bit of Jap in a hurry. But I think I'll stick to my usual haunts for now.