Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ichiban Boshi

 Have been receiving so many grand treats from my Russian pals this year. I count myself very blessed to be able to count them among my circle of close friends. Some time back,I was introduced to one of the new restaurants in Publika called Ichiban Boshi. Comfy and cosy surroundings with friendly staff.
 Everything looked pristine and oh so delicious. I can hardly wait to get started.
 I left it to our regular fine diners to order the meal for us. :D

 The unagi and salmon belly were both so amazing! I could have another round of them. But remembers that we still have more dishes to come.

 The egg souffle broth was really good and warms up the tum quickly.
 The Hokkaido Chawan Mushi was something new to me but I loved it and all the dishes we've had so far. Every dish so far tasted clean and appetizing to the palate.
 Some makis in bean curd wrap.
 Can't really recall...but perhaps this is our order of soft shell crab maki? All so lovely indeed.
 Our order of creamed gratin on a hot plate. I love this and it's really a man's meal.

 The deep fried eggplant on hot plate was steller!
 As is the rest of our order. This one is tuna.
 Octopus and and order of scallop makis.
 Wrapping up the very fine meal,we headed back for more treats. But first things first...a fuzzy greeting from Kiki.

 We had custard jam tarts to go with our hot tea. Always enjoy a lovely evening with my pals.
With extra goodies to take home! Cheers!