Monday, November 12, 2007

Sushi weekend

Mum assigned me the task to cook the prawns this weekend so I tried something I haven't attempted it Beer battered tempura style,a recipe provided by an inside source. Think one of the best parts of cooking is buying the ingredients. Especially when it come from one of the wholesale bakery suppliers located in Taman Megah. Prices are hideously reasonable and comes in huge bulks. I love these guys! Check out some of my purchases.
The huge bag of breadcrumbs, the pumpkin seed,the bay leaves, the pine nuts, rosemary and parsley. Lovveellyyy!

Ok,I wanted to try out the sushi kit for so long and finally bought myself one from the Jusco supermarket. Here's the ingredients for the beer batter prawns. Excluding the parsley. Just focus on the tempura flour n beer. All good.
TaaDah! The results. Crunchy,tangy and wonderfully paired with the Japanese mayo.
And the ultimate sushi feast....check out the slices of salmon belly. Gorgeous! Always love the taste testing period....mum and Debs too.
Me giving good thick slices to the already bloated sushi rolls. Hey! It's my first attempt. Delish though nothing to brag about in terms of presentation and execution.
I bought some caviar cream paste to squirt on top of the sushi roll. Mum relishes on them.
Didn't take us long before we started devouring all of my hard work.
Here's a shot before the carnage. I made a simple butterhead,pumpkin seed and yellow tomato salad with dressing and lox on the side...accompanied with fresh sliced radishes and avocado. A nice healthy dinner if not for the prawns. A wonderfully satisfying and delicious meal.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sushi King promo

My partner in food crime,Viv,treated me to a sushi feast last Thursday at Sushi King when they were having one of their regular sushi promotions which happens for about once every 3-4 months. Extremely good deal. RM2 per sushi plate,but not for the other dishes.
Check out the variety of sushi dishes available during the promo. There were more which we chose from the conveyor belt,but was too busy eating them than shooting them. My favourite was the unagi sushi plate.

This one was set at the regular price of RM4 per plate. Egg stuffed salad thingy. Delish!
Tempura sushi. Wish it was a bit more crisp tho and warm...oh's sushi. For RM2,can't complain. Can't complain at all.
My dear,salmon...where have you been all my life?

This lovely chap dishing out all the goods to us hungry customers. We got the seats strategically positioned right at the counter in front of the chef so we get first dibs at the chow. Very well,worth the wait for our seats.

Think we've more or less justified our visit there. It was a very long wait for our table,one of the waitresses handling the crowd was frothing at the mouth cos she didn't break her fast yet,yet some customers were just had too many sticks up their asses to be patient and polite for their seats. But it was well worth it. Well,I've had my rations of salmon sushi for the week. Can't hardly wait for the next Jap binge. Thought I've eaten enough sushi to last the month,but apparently,I found myself hankering for more Jap a couple of days after. Go figure!

Thank you so much,Viv! Next round is on me!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Johnny's Steamboat

Go into a shopping mall here and hopefully you're bound to find Johnny's Steamboat. A healthy alternative eatery thats affordable and and satifying. There are choices of set meals depending on the how many heads per party. And there's also the option of ordering a la carte dishes such as assorted noodles,rice and veggies. It's very ideal when it come to introducing a group of your friends to have a very enjoying meal while cooking for yourself. For 4 people,you could opt for the set steamboat meal which comes up to RM56++. Giving us the little extra allowance to opt for some dessert later. And they don't stinge on the dessert menu. I had the vanilla ice cream which washed down nicely with the hot soupy meal earlier.
Mel and Hanie helping to put the food into the hot pot. Everyone having fun digging in and cooking their own food.

Aimo making a face.

The entire meal was both fun and divine and quite guiltless. Giving you the greenlight to binge once in a while. You have the option for choosing either the Hot Tom Yam soup or the regular Chicken Stock for your Steamboat soup. Delicious to the last bite. I recommend it.

Dave's Tiger Prawns

My brother and sis-in-law,Carol, was so kind enough to cook dinner for us all last Saturday. And the menu spanned from totally greasy yet simply divine Baked Sea Tiger Prawns (courtesy of Carol's parent's from Sandakan) in Cheese and Olive Oil, very salty green veg in Oyster sauce dressing and roasted garlic, battered squid,egg omelette patties and black pepper beef in onions.
Thankfulyl I could use the pick-me-up meal since it has been a very lnog couple of days of non-stop duties,responsibilities and husehold management.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

March 12 - 16(Bangkok/Jakarta)

this past week, i have a chance to go to 2 countries for the first time, it is a working trip whereby we went to Bangkok Mon-Tues and Jakarta Thurs-Saturday

We stayed in a 3 star hotel in Bangkok called Taipan, cost ~RM240 per nite, while staying in Le Meridien Jakarta for RM388 per nite. Taipan was OK, while Meridien is really nice.
Duck Ramen that i had in Kim Ramen(Thai airport) cost 275 THB ~~RM27.5... really nice, like the noodle, very filling also.
pork ramen, same price

Food i had in Indonesia, it is food in a factory's canteen, price unknown

Le Meridien Jakarta breakfast buffet, mixed fruit with mango yogurt. You could try the buffet for 98,000Rupiah (~RM38)
Weird looking dessert on MAS plane back to Kuala Lumpur, but it actually taste pretty food. It is a pudding with piece of banana on top and thin layer of gelatin on top...2 kinds of sauce, caramel and coconut on each side

Monday, March 12, 2007

Petronas Gallery,KLCC on fine Saturday Evening

I've had the pleasure of attending an exclusive one night special event of the unveiling of En. Latiff Mohidin's paintings at the Petronas Gallery,KLCC, last Saturday. Well known Austrian accompanist and Maestro, Mr. Ratko Delorco enthralled the audience with classical renditions of Mozart and Brahms with a few of his own original improvised pieces which I love very much. But also,one of the highlights of the evening was the opportunity to be able to go behind the scene to ParkRoyal's Excecutive Chef's food prep room to see Mr. Jakob Angerer hard at work preparing all the tentalising and mouthwatering canapes for the guests that evening.

Truly an unforgetable night.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Super Sandwiches

Something I've discovered recently at KLCC. I love the Super Sandwich bar at the KLCC Foodcourt located just below Kinokuniya. I had their tuna sandwich, but it was sooo good, I will certainly try out more of their choices from turkey ham, to salmon and chicken mayo. The best part of course is sampling them with a beautiful scenic view of the town's skyline and heading up to the bookstore afters.
Just found out that they do serve a buffet spread as well. But only on Sundays and only after 5pm. But it's definitely worth it with the variety of sandwich selections and salads and juices,all you can eat for RM16 ++. Definitely a healthy choice for anyone.

Burgers at MMU

We've been eating a lot 'round MMU (Multimedia University) at Cyberjaya lately. With fixed student pricing and reasonably edible food there, who can say no? Especially when you're on a food budget. Check out the size of the meat concoctions in those burgers above. Top - the fish burger and the chicken burger. And it's for only RM3.50! You really get your money's worth.

Ok,I didn't eat those heart stoppers above. Though I wasn't exactly health conscious as well that day. I has briyani rice which was,to me,below regular standards and pricey even if I just took a bit of veg to go with the briyani. To ease my conscience,I had soup and a bit of slaw the next day at the other cafeterias located sporadically around the campus. This, I like. And the economy rice stall next to it looked pretty good as well. Gonna give it a try the next time. My soup was about RM 2.50 while the slaw was an additional dollar,if I'm not mistaken. The juice was RM1.50,I believe.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Penang Fare

Just came back from a trip to Penang last week. And the first thing on the agenda was good ol' Char Koay Teow, so we headed to Batu Lanchang.

Authentic curry noodles with Pasembor and Char Koay Teow.
Check out my brother-in-law,Lyndon, tucking in. Walking around Charasta Bazaar. Dinner at night at Lorong Selamat. Love the Fried O'Chean there.My plate of PihPah duck which I shared with my cousin,Jennifer. We also shared a small tuna pizza there. It was good tho' it took about an hour to arrive. The lady forgot our order the first time and took her awhile to get our order done the second time. Good thing we weren't in a hurry and she apologised deeply for her tardiness. Grilled Stingray with sambal and onion chilly dip.

More Char Koay Teow. Below : Ochean/ Fried Oyster Omelette. Our Tuna Pizza

A must visit. The famous Cathay coffeeshop in Pulau Tikus. I grew up on the Char Koay Teow there. Tho' I didn't order it this time 'round.
I ordered the Koay Chiap this time and it was yummy!
My aunt's bowl of Wan Tan Mee.

After so much hawker fare, it was time for something healthy for a change. Steam Boat! A good way to break the ice if you eat in a group and its so much fun cooknig and adding your own ingredients in a hot bowl of chicken stock. Lovely!