Monday, November 12, 2007

Sushi weekend

Mum assigned me the task to cook the prawns this weekend so I tried something I haven't attempted it Beer battered tempura style,a recipe provided by an inside source. Think one of the best parts of cooking is buying the ingredients. Especially when it come from one of the wholesale bakery suppliers located in Taman Megah. Prices are hideously reasonable and comes in huge bulks. I love these guys! Check out some of my purchases.
The huge bag of breadcrumbs, the pumpkin seed,the bay leaves, the pine nuts, rosemary and parsley. Lovveellyyy!

Ok,I wanted to try out the sushi kit for so long and finally bought myself one from the Jusco supermarket. Here's the ingredients for the beer batter prawns. Excluding the parsley. Just focus on the tempura flour n beer. All good.
TaaDah! The results. Crunchy,tangy and wonderfully paired with the Japanese mayo.
And the ultimate sushi feast....check out the slices of salmon belly. Gorgeous! Always love the taste testing period....mum and Debs too.
Me giving good thick slices to the already bloated sushi rolls. Hey! It's my first attempt. Delish though nothing to brag about in terms of presentation and execution.
I bought some caviar cream paste to squirt on top of the sushi roll. Mum relishes on them.
Didn't take us long before we started devouring all of my hard work.
Here's a shot before the carnage. I made a simple butterhead,pumpkin seed and yellow tomato salad with dressing and lox on the side...accompanied with fresh sliced radishes and avocado. A nice healthy dinner if not for the prawns. A wonderfully satisfying and delicious meal.