Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is hands down,probably my most favourite place to eat right now. Italiannies came in close,but Dave's pulled it off with the most excellent precision in their execution of palate pleasers in each and everyone of their amazing concoctions that I've tasted so far. Above,the Smoked Salmon Roulade....lovely crunches and mixture of flavors in each and every bite. The same is spoken for each of the dishes we've sampled. Beautifully exquisite!
The stuffed mushrooms....ooooooo! Delicious tender morsels! I could eat them every night! Both Dave's and Italiannie's stuffed mushrooms are really really good and there's just no justice comparing which one is better than the other coz it just won't do. Each have their own way of executing this dish and each in their own way is very excellent indeed. Stuffed mushrooms. Can't go wrong ordering them anytime of the day.
The Beef lasagna was pretty good but the hero of the hour was my order of Funghi Fetuccini with herbs and virgin olive oil. indeed, is GOOD!
Dave's............I'll be back!

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Catnapping said...

god, i love stuffed mushrooms. my step-mom has the greatest recipe, but she won't share it with me!