Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oh Sushi!

Need to get my butt kicked for not updating this site on a regular basis. Sorry folks! Will try to be more dedicated to this site in future. Work and commitment to other stuff got in the way, but let's get this show on the road again. Viv and I made our way to Oh Sushi! to see what all the exclamation was about. We got the Salmon and White tuna (RM18)...

Very pleasant but nothing to really rave about,in my opinion,but still good. The only snag was I asked for a small dish of mayo to savour with these babies,but the waiter misunderstood and brought me a small empty dish instead. It took another trial order with the head waiter before my mayo finally arrived.

For my side, I got the Half Shoyu Ramen and Zemaki Combo (RM25) which had a generous portion of Ramen,enough for me to share with Viv seeing as her hot steaming pot was lacking and not enough to satisfy her hunger pangs. Not too bad, if you want a bit of Jap in a hurry. But I think I'll stick to my usual haunts for now.

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