Sunday, November 12, 2006

Finally! Some comfort cooking!

Finnaallly,got to do some serious cooking yesterday. Went to the morning market to pick up groceries for dinner. *drum beat* Some comfort dinner tonite folks! Here's a pic of Neta cooking up a storm with the wok. Sliced up some tofu,chillie and spring onions...add chopped garlic to the hot oil,add in some chopped onions,the tofu,chopped chillie,put in a lil bit of water,add oyster sauce for flavor and you're good to go!Taadah! Here's what the tofu dish looks like.We had fun preparing the fish for steaming. First we marinate the fish with lime and some sea salt.Grease the dish with olive oil to prevent the fish from sticking to it...lovingly place some chopped chinese cabbages to act as a bed for the fish, put in sliced tomatoes,onions,chillie,ginger,tofu and spring onion before giving the fish a dash of soy sauce.And VOILA! And let me tell you, it was ddeelliicciouss! :) The fish tasted so lovely and fresh, pity I only have one stomach attached to my body.And for the third dish, a nice boiling pot of vegetable soup. It just basically consists of sliced chinese cabbages,onions and carrots all boiled in chicken stock. Yummy comfort food! ^^
All enjoying the good food with hot steaming white rice along with some of mum's purple cabbage coleslaw she dropped off earlier in the day. Loovveellyyy! :D

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