Sunday, January 15, 2012

Munakata Round 2 this New Year!

Well,we're back at Munakata for another round of 耽溺以上 !!! (Over Indulgence) Only this time, I am the honored guest of my food crime pal,Viv, along with her bf,Justus. Purportedly to have Viv's all time favorite chawan mushi, we made our way early to hit the quaint little restaurant at 6.30pm. Hey,don't be quick to put us down or sqaush our enthusiasm for good yet affordable Japanese cuisine. First in,first to receive expeditious service I say. Viv got wind of a food promotion Munakata was having starting this month up till Feb and that is 2 to dine will afford the 3rd diner a free meal. That's a gorgeous temptation especially to us folks who love some good Jap comfort food at the ready within our budget means. Although the menu looks limited in certain aspects,trust me...after going through the first row of orders, you'll start to slow down.

The avid diner will be wise enough to pace themselves and know exactly what they want to get the best deal for their buck. We've been here before so we know the score and what to aim for.

We did a quick scan through the available menu and quickly noted down on the prepared order form our top choices of the night. Let's start with the goods and no fuss about it.

A round of Unagi with seafood salad to start with. Look at the unagi...just gorgeous!

Edamame. Never without a dish or 2 of them for our group.
To me, their servings of sumptuous and delectable slices of unagi is the best I've had by far by any restaurant offering up a promo. Plump,juicy and definitely savory down to the last bite. I couldn't get enough of them so greedy gut here had to have more helpings of it as the meal progresses.

Hotate no Butter Shoyu Yaki/Grilled Scallops with butter and soy sauce

Gindara Teriyaki/ Grilled Cod with sesame soy sauce

Salmon sashimi round after round for me!

Enoki no Butter Yaki

My helping of Age Dufu. MMmmmm,delish! Lovely and piping hot too!

Shishamo/grilled Smelt

More grilled cod.

Enoki no Gyuniku Maki/grilled slice Beef wrapped Enoki mushrooms

Umaki Tamago. I like it!

Dinner won't be complete without a serving of tempura shrimps and soft shell crab.

Deep fried seafood tofu. I like it a lot!

Hourensou butter/grilled spinach was far too buttery for our liking thus undoing the desire for something more health conscious.

The grilled eggplant fared no better either. Was just as oily,though I didn't mind it at the time as much as my fellow diners.

What you would expect to follow is my re-order of everything I love with extra chawan mushi and the evening rounded up full circle with an order of vanilla and green tea ice cream. Heavenly!


Smitten ByFood said...

Nice pictures. Is this located at menara hap seng?

Sandra Khoo said...

Thank you very much! It's located at the ol' Life Centre where there used to be a Korean BBQ restaurant on the ground floor now long gone.