Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas 2011

"So Sandra,when are you going to cook for us again?" Loud hint. Wink wink. Ok, I hear ya. :D
I met up with my pals from MNU off and on we do do occasionally meet up,but its usually having to do with our group's current activities and projects for the up and coming annual comic fiesta. This year was no different only it had coupled with both outrageous chaos dealing with over packing capacity of the crowd but fun and loud banter from group after group of totally awesome and talents folks all in the creative industry that is comic,publishing,animation,gaming,product design & cos-play. Anyhoo, realizing that it has indeed been a long while since we've had our traditional MNU food feast, since when,...I think when our good pal,Hoos,left to head back home to Indonesia. So I've decided to grab at the opportunity to feed my pals for the upcomingChristmas hols. What better way to rewards ourselves with a lot of good comfort food and friendly banter after a painstaking weekend during the Comic Fiesta.

So without further ado, here's a look at the spread both me and thanks a great big heap to mum's contribution, we've managed to conjure up a delicious memorable spread with grateful help from my guest pitching in to bring some extra plates/dishes for the occasion.
The reason that I'd like to make an extra effort to celebrate Christmas this year is to open up our home to welcome my orphaned friends over for a warm Christmas treat. Friends who are living and working outstation so have no home to go to for this season's hol. And man,it felt really good that everyone enjoyed themselves and were very happy and thankful at the same time,as how all Christmas celebrations should end.

My friends from Siberia,Mikhail & Ksusha wowed us all with her appetizers of eggplant rolls with black olives stuffed with cream cheese,pine nuts and finely chopped parsley (My all time favorite dish that night. I love eggplant).
And seafood burrito wraps. Man they were both so very tasty that everyone just lapped them up in an instance.
Kudos to my twin for the unexpected whole roast contribution that night. She had made it quite clear the week before that she didn't wasn't contributing anything but to my amazement,she whipped up these bird at the very last minute and gave me one bird for the party. Awesome! Too bad she had another party to go to with her own group of friends that night. It was at first meant to be a combined party but things got out of hand and she was in a huff to change plans and almost didn't have a Christmas Eve herself.
More wonderful treats came in the form of Bacon & Cheese quiches ...
...and indulgent succulent pork belly slices from Pig Out Deliveries. A new business set up I've found out from my friend,Alina in FB. And man! They don't short change on the quality and goodness in each of the dishes. I love them all and we're deifinitely going to try out the rest of their extensive menu next time 'round. Keep on oinking,Pig Out!
Sadly,there were no pics available of the dessert selection that night which consisted of fresh mango slices coupled with bowls of tiramisu ice cream. Another belly filling indulgence. But then again,it's Christmas!
Like my fellow blog in Khoolsville,I'd like the end this segment with a clip from a series of food spot created in Youtube by the ever talented chef de cuisine, RunnyRunny999. Like many others, I love Japanese cuisine and am always on the look out for cooking demos that I can easily work with and RunnyRunny has it spot on for homey down to earth techniques which I can definitely relate to andwork with. Thanks for sharing Runny2 and keep up the grand job!

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