Saturday, January 14, 2012

NY 2011 Russian style

This NY had an unexpected twist. We celebrated it Russian style,both me and mum,when we were invited by my Siberian friends to their place on New Year's eve. And boy,what a fine spread! Ksusha had really outdone herself. This isn't the first time I got to taste her cooking and hopefully not going to be the last. I am really grateful to have Mikhail and Ksoosh as my close friends and always every time we hang out together,it deals with good comfort food. I shall have to dig up my other files and find the many other goodies I've had the pleasure of sharing with them and slowly update them in here.
Anyhoo, here are a few of the pics I've managed to snap during the meal without feeling too rude at the table about it. I'll be sure to upload any vids I have in my blogs when I can.
On the dining table,there were many colorful and delicious appetizers to be had. Among them, in front of me,my favorite eggplant roll dish which I have been craving ever since I got a taste of it during the last Christmas party. WOOHOO! I get to sample more of it that night.
In the midst of the table,there was creamed beetroot slaw to be had,both me and mum fell in love with a bowl of traditional Russian potato dish ( I can't recall the name to save me) but it consisted of chicken,green peas,carrots,potato cubes,onions in a creamed mayo dressing. What I do know is that the dressing is a mixture of mayo and sour cream,generously coating the entire dish. I was inform by my hosts,that this dish was derived during the Soviet era whereby Mayonaise being a highly prized and decadent product, was incredibly hard to come by and when a family was lucky enough to have it,they'd save it up to be used for such an occasion for the New Year celebrations. The dish can be created in whatever ingredients that is available in your kitchen larder,mostly consisting of the ever important potato,peas and can substitute the meat with pork,sausage or chicken. Whatever you fancy. And boy,was it ever so good! That dish became my mum's favorite that night.
Another dish which was hearty and just as good was the cubed chicken with sliced Japanese Kyuri dressed with sesame seeds and hints of sesame oil. Very refreshing with each bite.
My favorite roasted eggplant olive oil with black olives,creamed cheese,pine nuts and parsley rolls. Mmmmmmm,I can still taste it.
A wonderful delicious treat all the way from Moscow. Smoked baby mackerel on buttered baguettes with thinly slice lemon wedges. The lemon was not overpowering,in fact,very rustic and pleasing with each bite. I love it. Throughout the meal, there were toasts to be made by each member at the table no what they've been grateful for from throughout that year that's happened to them. And we all certainly had many many things to be thankful for. Those who can handle it,toasted with champagne. The rest of us took fruit juices. Sorry no vodka for the hosts for this NY. Champagne was the order of the night.
The main course for that night were traditional NY prok and beef dumplings drizzled with a tomato based creamed sauce ad lib. So heartwarming and tender with each morsel, this greedy gut can't help but have 2 helpings of it.
After the main meal, we all relaxed with another must-do NY activity which is rounding up the family in front of the tele and watch good ol' classic Russian films while killing time before the statr of the fireworks display to be held across the street at a nearby mall. I've certainly enjoyed myself thoroughly watching classic Soviet Russian comedies in that warm and cozy environment when the lights were dimmed or off to give that cinematic quality to the feel. I gotta get me a copy of those classic. Boy! were they ever so good and hilarious to boot. Of course,subtitles certainly helped a lot.
Unfortunately that night,we were a few minutes too late to catch the fireworks in all its splendour but it didn't daunt our enthusiastic spirits as we quickly headed back for more fun and activities. Lighting up little NY sparklers by the balcony,scaring away the cat, and rounding up the evening with slices of good Orea Cheese cake from La Manila bakery. Thank you so much everyone for making the start of this year a very happy and satisfying one. Hope the party will rock on.

Cheers folks!

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