Monday, January 26, 2009

Delicious at Bangsar Village

I treated my partner in food crime,Viv, to a late tea cum dinner at Bangsar V's Delicious. All the food we've ordered there has lived up to that title, I am pleased to say. And thankfully after past experience, we have wisely opted to share our dishes together enabling us to order more for our enjoyment. We ordered their spaghetti cabonara.
Huge portions coupled with good flavors,good ingredients and tasteful preps makes it all worth the price one pays for it. I like the chef's idea of putting a single basil leaf on top to add contrast in color to the plate. And I appreciate the flavorful crunch it adds to the bite.

My order of Ceaser Salad. So so good! I will def order it again and again whenever I'm dining here. First I'm having my salad with the egg cooked as a separate entity and not mixed in with the salad dressing as I anticipated. But most prob another egg has been added to the dressing already. thin anchovies strewn along the top of the pile with huge chunks of bacon and sliced of toasted baguettes subsidising the usual croutons makes for a very very good Seaser indeed. I just love this dish.

My Vanilla Milkshake over Viv's Mint Iced Lemon Tea. I go for Creamy,baby!

And an order of their Antipasti Platter for pure decadence. Always a winner at the table. Duck/Chicken? liver pate with melted butter on top, with a side of grilled tomatoes in olive oil dressing (my fave), grilled mushrooms, grilled whole garlic clove(another fave of mine), puree egglant, grilled asparagus and grilled squid. So so very good with a basket of toast baguette slices. We had to order another basket to balance the mouthfuls of antipastis.

Delicious comes very highly recommended as it is affordable with very well prepared dishes to please anyone.

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