Monday, January 26, 2009

Daorae, Sri Hartamas/Mont Kiara

From Min Park.
From my sketch journal.
Min Park introduced me to a fantastic Korean BBQ joint which is situated right above a Korean grocer. Awesome! Fantastic ambiance with fantastic food and great company. Lovely! Sam Gub Sal/ Pork was ordered and the tiny platters of sides starts pouring onto our table.

See the lovely cuts sizzling on the iron grill pit. I appreciate that they regard garlic and onions as mandatory ingredients in this meal.
Kimchi cabbage is a must have.
Their soup tastes similar to Japanese miso only spicier.
Min working the chops for the BBQ.

I love this side dish of spicy spring onions. Though quite a huge meal, I still felt very healthy after partaking it cos apart from the pork,everything else was rather light.

Our kimchi pizza. Light,fluffy and I totally dig the flavors with the onions innit.

Tasteful decor. There's actually another floor above us which has private dining rooms for customers to enjoy without the hustle and bustle and loud chatter experienced on our level.

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