Monday, November 03, 2008

Latest Recipe

Debs took mum out for her birthday here and kindly made room for me to join in which I was thankful for cos the food was good. But it would be a meal I would regret cos I had to endure weeks of bowel twisting and tummy aches after that. Too much of a good things should be monitored. What I enjoyed from most buffets is the salad bar spread. If its good,I'm happy. And if they have an ever better dessert spread,then WHOOPEE! This particular joint had a good sushi bar which I shamelessly left my mark on,visiting it after each empty plate.

Gorging on sashimi all sorts is a thing of joy!

Their tomato aioli.
Squid ink pasta in tomato sauce.

Stir fry chicken,prawns and squid in cream was sooo sinfully delicious to the last bite.
Le Meridien and the Hilton joint? at Midvalley boasts the best dessert table I've ever enjoyed. You can see I had a ball creating my own dessert art. Waffles oozing with butter and maple syrup with ice cream,fudge and choc stick with nut sprinkles is sooo decadent and heavenly.

Their other options,I wasn't so crazy about...just for my own creations of delight.

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