Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Munchin' thru SketchCrawl #11

Me and my partner in crime took part in the recent Worldwide SketchCrawl event organized by artist extraordinaire,Enrico Casarosa, on the 23rd Sept 2006. Yep,we basically ate thru the entire course of our journey in -between sketching and photographing. Our first pit stop at O'Brien's sandwich bar at The Weld in KL before commencing on our SC quest.

My Chicken mayo salad with crispy bacon bits. Not too bad,but is a tad bit on the dry side.
My partner's turkey ham and bacon triple decker sandwich.
The afternoon got hot and we made an impromptu pit stop at Finnegan's for some refreshments. My Ice Lemon Tea. Aaaahhhh...Life is good!
Fond memories...late lunch at Planet Hollywood.
Couldn't resist! The Norwegian bakery,Baker's Moment, was beckoning. We had to answer to it's call for a bit of sinful indulgence.

The day was passing by so fast and before we knew it,it was time for dindins before we called it day. We headed straight for The Ginger restaurant at Central market.

Sorry for the bad image quality here.folks! The lighting was pretty dim by then and I refused to use the flash in order to capture the natural lighting. We got the Thai sambal fried rice,...
Buttered coconut chicken.....

Thai Mango salad and finally the Black pepper beef. Had a really hard time uploading the beef pic...but anyways,we've really been lil piglets that day. *hic* Hope you've enjoyed the images,folks! Wotta lovely day it has been!

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vivien yap said...

how many days in the sketch crawl, so much food? ~drool~