Thursday, September 07, 2006

C-Jade Express

Express!...I'm Impress! The service was great...speedy and accomodating. My first food conquest with fellow food junkie,Viv, at Mid-Valley. C-Jade was beckoning us for a go,so we complied. Grab yourselves some seats,go to the counter to order your food,pay for your food,go back to your seat and wait for your chow to be delivered to you. Help yourselves to the lovely condiments at the nearby stands.
My order of Wan Ton Dumplings...nothing to brag about,but it was warm and looks welcoming so I didn't whine so much when it chows down to the taste.
The Roast Duck rice was steller alongside the choices of condiments available,ad-lib. Haven't had a really good roast duck rice in a while, and this was really really good! I'd definitely make another trip there for some quick chow without needing much persuasion. Anything for another bite of their roast duck. Mmmm...YUM! The duck sauce and kailan that goes with it really brings this simple dish together to new heights! Lovely! It's a pity their lil titbit food stand out side the shop didn't have slices of raost duck to go...I'd definitely be a regular customer if that was the case.
A trip to Mid-Valley would not have been complete without a short detour to Beard Papa's. I am sooo in love with their Cream Puffs, you have no idea. Definitely the perfect ending to a perfect meal anytime. ^___^ Go PAPA!

Oh,and check out Viv's take on our food trips as well here for her side of the story...

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