Saturday, March 16, 2013

Last weekend

Here's a glimpse of what I've been up to last weekend. Been over for another round of being sous chef under the guidance and tutelage of our Director pal,Naz. Here's some of the goodies we made from scratch and had that day.
Turkey ham with white mushroom Za.
Pepperoni and cheese Za.
We had an avacado, and Naz,not one to take things simply,decided to make an awesome batch of guac out of it. Huzzah! My first successful batch of guac ever! And so so goooodddd!
Home made dressing for the salad. They've got to eat their greens after all.
Some pickled aubergine,Lebanese style. I love it!
Learnt how to make a fresh batch of hummus drizzled with olive oil,seeing as I had some chickpea handy lying around the table.
And finally the Pièce de résistance , home made fall off the bone grilled buffalo wings. Yummy!!! Must remember to share all of the goings on during previous years of my culinary education under my Maestro,Naz.

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