Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meals at the Studio

 What I've been up to lately? Having a grand time working at the new studio and cooking up a storm once in a while for the team. This time it's fresh takoyaki for everyone. Thank's to Jennifer and her bf's gift of the takoyaki grill they got from Tokyo. Had a go at the grill for at least 4 times and can safely say I now have a new skill and won't go hungry in a hurry.

Don't they look just awesome? Thanks to my colleague for the awesome snapshots for these round of photos.

Don't they just look utterly irresistibly awesome??? I'm craving for my next donut fix already just looking  at it.
One of everything! A lovely surprise treat from our boss during our tea break at the studio.  2 big boxes of Big Apple Donuts for the whole team. Absolutely the best donuts I've ever had, in my opinion anyways. :D
And another surprise during lunch time at the local mamak joint @ Rahim's in Cyberjaya. You know you're meant to smile when your mamak chef goes the mile to plate this up for you. And yes,I did crack a big wide smile after receiving my plate. :) Thank you so much Mel for this awesome shot! All of the meals have really made my day a brighter one. :D

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