Saturday, March 16, 2013

Croisette Cafe @ Bangsar

Had such a wonderful and unexpected treat from Justus and Viv earlier tonight with a French dinner at Croisette. A lil unpretentious cafe located within an apartment building,at Cascadium in Bangsar,just opposite the road from Bangsar Shopping Centre. I was well and truly excited to finally get to try a decent French meal at such an affordable price here. Service was unpretentious like the decor. The owner and chef was amiable and did his best to serve us well in spite of a few hitches that night. The interior lights were giving a bit of prob and with a inability to anticipate what they could offer that night,understandably due to the fresh supply the owner has to ensure just to maintain a fresh and seasonal menu. Something I truly appreciate. However we more or less knew already what we wanted to order and are thankful that Blanquette and Bourguignon is available that night. So here's what we ordered tonight.
Soupe de Potiron / Pumpkin Soup.
My order of Prawn Bisque with a generous dollop of Rouille on toast.
Finally my first taste of Boeuf Bourguignon. So very good and extremely satisfying. Especially during a cool rainy night. It was perfect!
Justus ordered the Gigot Blanquette / Lamb Leg in creamy white sauce. It's tradition to partake of it with steamed white rice.
Viv ordered her Pasta Pistou/Pesto with tomatoes. We got to sample each other's order and I have to say, they were all so very good indeed!
We managed to find room for a bit of dessert. But I think the owner was miffed that we only order one slice to share among the 3 of us. A mistake we will not be repeating soon or ever again. The trio Chocolate Mousse cake. Heavenly decadent and melt in your mouth goodness. I shall order it again the next time we visit.

And this is one place I do intend to visit again.
If you're curious for more information on its location, opening hours perus through a blogger's review of the cafe here :
Thank you Justus & Viv!!!

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