Monday, January 07, 2008

Lunch at the Pavillion

Had lunch at this quaint dining establishment located on the ground floor atrium of the Pavillion. We arrived in the nick of time for their buffet lunch menu before they took it off in preps for tea-time and dinner. Think their lunch menu is available from 12pm to 3pm. Just the answer to a healthy ( and suppose to be light but...) meal. Love their selection of cold salmon and salad greens at the bar. My only gripe is that there's still no sign of any sliced radishes I crave that seems to be missing at every salad bar I've been to save for one particular restaurant called 'Sireh' I think, located on the ground floor of PJ Hilton. You can see what I live on. The pic with the huge slices of cheese is my friend,Ezat's plate. They even have hot soup, quiche and beef stew among the few hot food available at the bar. And dessert includes a couple of cake and cookie choices. Tea and coffee is included in the set menu. If memory serves me well,think the lunch buffet will set you back about RM 25++ per person. Quite worth the dollar considering shameful me cleared up the salmon plate prior to the last call. Lovely! My idea of a good lunch.

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