Sunday, March 04, 2007

Burgers at MMU

We've been eating a lot 'round MMU (Multimedia University) at Cyberjaya lately. With fixed student pricing and reasonably edible food there, who can say no? Especially when you're on a food budget. Check out the size of the meat concoctions in those burgers above. Top - the fish burger and the chicken burger. And it's for only RM3.50! You really get your money's worth.

Ok,I didn't eat those heart stoppers above. Though I wasn't exactly health conscious as well that day. I has briyani rice which was,to me,below regular standards and pricey even if I just took a bit of veg to go with the briyani. To ease my conscience,I had soup and a bit of slaw the next day at the other cafeterias located sporadically around the campus. This, I like. And the economy rice stall next to it looked pretty good as well. Gonna give it a try the next time. My soup was about RM 2.50 while the slaw was an additional dollar,if I'm not mistaken. The juice was RM1.50,I believe.

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CookingDiva - Chef Melissa said...

wow, the burger looks gigantic and delicious!!!