Monday, April 14, 2008

Venny's Restaurant

Went there last Saturday morning for breakfast prior to our expected attendance to the PEKOMIK comic convention at PWTC. This was one of the many side cafes/coffeeshops located just outside of Low Yat Plaza, a dying tech supply building in the heart of KL.The stall owners here are still a lively bunch though. One cannot emphasize enough the amount of boundless energy that exudes from these money making enthusiasts as they bawl out for customers to come patronize their stalls while ignoring their competitors next door. Customers literally park right up to the curb lawlessly irregardless of road regulations while making their way to tank up their morning bellies. Check out the wide range of freshly cooked chow all ready for lunch time even though the clock still chimes 10.30 am. But that didn't seem to matter much as customers don't discriminate much between lunch and breakfast meals as they proceed to devour down the long array of lunch dishes along with their breakfast selection and so on.
I chose to sample their Pan Mee with a side of Iced Milo. Everything about their cooking seems to run on the light side. Both Prawn Mee and Pan Mee broth were neither bursting with thickness in the soup consistency or exuberating with flavor. Personally, I think if you'd just add a nice chunky pork bone into the boiling pot,the soup would've come out 10 times better,if cooked overnight that is.

Still it was a very decent and satisfying meal for the morning's adventure and served as an adequate source of energy filling station before we continued on with our journey.

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