Sunday, January 21, 2007

Trip to Macau/Hong Kong (5 days)

Last week, i just went to Macau enroute Hong Kong with my colleague. 2 of us, this trip feel more like a vacation than a working trip. We went to Hong Kong, took a 30mins trains to Central, then MTR to Causeway bay to walk around, back to Central, took MTR to Sheung Wan. Finally took a 1 hour ferry to Macau

First meal in Hong Kong Causeway bay... Cafe de Coral is actually a fastfood concept restaurant. The above set me back ~ HKD16 ~~RM8

McD in Macau. There have burgers made with rice. Sorry, i was too eager to eat and dont bother to take pic till i'm finished... haha.. this combo set me back MOP ~26 equivalent RM13

Milk from Hong Kong... nice chocolaty... HKD 4.6 ~RM2.3 kinda small though, think it is about 200ml

We ate rice from here in New Yaohan, Macau. i had soya chicken combo... The portion is really big... about 2 big rice there, a big bowl of soup and quite a bit of blanched vege for MOP 28 ~~RM 14.... I didn't had dinner tat day, only some milk for dinner... that's how big portion it is.

A special dessert. with pomelo, sago, mango and coconut milk... taste bitter,sour,sweet,creamy..... yummy MOP 8 ~~RM4

Cheezels are like double the price of here in Malaysia, and twisties are called Fonzies there.... and Milo are insanely expensive there...
Here is my updates. actually don't feel like updating, but "forced" by Sandra.... hahahaha

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Sandra Khoo said...

Awesome work,ViV! Lovely pics and great updates! :)