Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Penang Revisit - Day 1

Last April,I took my mum for a short trip back to our roots in good ol' Penang Island. You can guess what we did first when our car hit the soil....a quick hug and hello to our relatives before insisting of going out for lunch with them. The place to go? Wellll,Batu Lanchang Hawkersville of course!!!
Dunno if you can see it clearly or not,but check out the prices per dish for our all time favorite Penang dish,Char Koey Teow! WOO! We arrived just before the office lunch hour...the place will be crawling with ppl in a few more minutes.
Above is the Popiah dish. Delish and there's that tinge of wetness when it is soaking up the juices that makes it so Distinctly Penangish apart from elsewhere. Second,aaaahhhhh,the real deal! Penang Char Koey Teow fried with duck egg. Life is sweet! ^^ And I ended lunch with a nod to my sweettooth, Cendol. And how cool is that? After you've eaten,you can just pop round next door to buy your fresh produce,from fresh vegs,fruits to meat and seafood....and I mean really fresh!

The dry goods stalls that jammed up the small alleyways in the sheltered wet market in batu Lanchang. After lunch....tea time at Air Itam. We've (me,my mum and my aunt) decided to be sensible and share a plate of Mee Goreng/Fried egg noodles and Mee Rebus/Egg noodles stir fried in a tomatoey hot sauce.

Coz not long after ,it's dinner time and off we go with the whole clan to a chinese restaurant named 'the 4 Seasons' that specializes on 'O' Mee / Oyster Mee. You can see it in the foreground. It was so good we had to order a second plate. ^^ Besides that,we order the usual fried popiah dish,fried noodles, stir fried veg in sambal, chicken,tofu etc.

Day 2 coming up next,stay tuned!

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