Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Kingdom for a Duck!

Our fantastic order of Roast Duck done to a braised turn when the delicious sauce is added on top of it. Oooooooo....I could eat this forever. Done to a crispy exterior yet delectably meltingly smooth interior.
The tofu was definitely superior with its smooth n soft texture. Very appetizing and flavorful indeed.

The 'Fu Tiao Chung' or yam nest with stir fried veg as I'd like to call it is definitely a must for any proper chinese feast. Really really good.

Sorry,I'm all new to thew cooknig world and is as yet to qualify as a food expert like those of Bunrabs and Meathenge...but hope to get there,someday. ;)


Chubby said...

Glad to see your cool Malaysian food munchin'

Us Bunrabs can't wait to see more!

Your pal,

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Everything looks delcicious, YUM!
A hug from Panama...

drbiggles said...

All it takes is patience. And it'll make you crazy, trust me. Take your time and just do what you do. Please no one but yourself and off you go. Good luck!

Sandra Khoo said...

Chubby : Hey thanx for the encouragement,Chubs! I'll definitely do my best. ;)

Melissa : Ahahahah,thaannxxx! WOO! And a hugz from the South East! :D

DrBiggles: Great advice there,Doc! I'll definitely keep those in mind. Thanx very much for all your support and encouraging words. ^^